Training Facilities


WITC has access to a laboratory that is equipped with a range of up-to-date scientific equipment required to perform routine process monitoring of water and wastewater treatment plants and has a policy of continually upgrading the laboratory equipment and process monitoring procedures in line with current industry standards.


Pilot Scale Training Rigs

WITC maintains a number of pilot scale treatment rigs which provide trainees with a hands-on approach to learning.

Examples include

Filter rig – a modular pilot granular media filter rig which incorporates both single media and dual media filter columns. This rig is fully transportable and can be test run with a wide range of raw water qualities.

Disinfection of water mains – a transportable pilot water pipe and associated sodium hypochlorite dosing equipment, flow measurement and valving

Membrane Filtration – a module pilot micro filtration rig

Reverse Osmosis – a module pilot reverse osmosis rig

Safe Handling of Liquefied Chlorine Gas - trainees gain hands-on experience at correctly operating disinfection equipment used to demonstrate routine change over procedures for gaseous chlorine cylinders in a simulated environment.