Mission Statement


Mission Statement

"The wise management of one of our most precious natural resources, water, continues to be of vital importance and training of technical operators for the water industry is essential if a high standard of water management is to be attained."

Water Industry Training Consultants is supported by the water industry in offering high quality training at operator level, as well as a range of other services.

Goals & Objectives

  • WITC aims to enhance the skills of operators in the national water industry through high quality vocationally relevant training.
  • WITC provides nationally recognised training through outsourcing agreements with Registered Training Organisations.
  • WITC conducts its affairs to be responsive to its customers. High quality training is provided that is credible and relevant to client needs.

Corporate Structure

Water Industry Training Consultants is a privately owned company which retains the intellectual property of the Water Industry  Training Centre.

The business is staffed by personnel who have had significant experience with the antecedent organisation ensuring the retention of industry relevance.

WITC Training Quality

The staff of WITC maintain training quality by adherence to the assessment provisions of the National Water Training Package. This is aided by staff having responsibility for the development of training modules through to delivery and assessment of that training.

Service Strategy

WITC has a number of strategies to maintain high quality training products and training delivery. WITC staff maintain strong contacts with our key stakeholders within the Water Industry. We maintain on-going consultations to help identify your needs and any training opportunities.

Staff communicate with client organisations to receive training information and updates. This may include telephone or email contact regarding Module Bookings, Schedule changes and confirmations. WITC can also provide training at your location and customised to your needs if required.